Zhao Yun (died 229), was a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China.

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ZHAO YUN ANCIENT CHINESE WARRIOR – 2019 2 oz $5 High Relief Antique Silver Coin – Niue

This is the FIRST coin of the series.

Zhao Yun (died 229), was a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. Originally a subordinate of the northern warlord Gongsun Zan, Zhao Yun later came to serve another warlord, Liu Bei, and had since accompanied him on most of his military exploits, from the Battle of Changban (208) to the Hanzhong Campaign (217–219). He continued serving in the state of Shu Han – founded by Liu Bei in 221 – in the Three Kingdoms period and participated in the first of the Northern Expeditions until his death in 229.

While many facts about Zhao Yun’s life remain unclear due to limited information in historical sources, some aspects and activities in his life have been dramatised or exaggerated in folklore and fiction. In the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he was lauded as a member of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei. Zhao Yun’s original biography in the Records of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguozhi), written by Chen Shou in the third century, is only 346 Chinese characters long. In the fifth century, Pei Songzhi added annotations from the Zhao Yun Biezhuan to Zhao Yun’s biography in the Sanguozhi, providing a relatively clear, though still incomplete picture of Zhao Yun’s life.

Zhao Yun died in 229 and was posthumously honoured as “Marquis Shunping” by Liu Shan in April or May 261. Liu Shan’s imperial edict for awarding Zhao Yun his posthumous title read: “Zhao Yun followed the Late Emperor and he made outstanding contributions. I was young then and experienced many difficulties, but I relied on his loyalty and faithfulness to get out of danger. I bestow this posthumous name on him to recognise him for his meritorious service and also because there were others who advised me to do so.” (Source: Wikipedia)



  • First Coin of the Series
  • China Only Release
  • Premium Antique Finish
  • Partially Gilded
  • Extremely Low Mintage
  • Ultra High Relief



Features: Ultra High Relief
Mintage: 500
Material: Pure Silver (99.99%)
Finish: Antique Finish
Issuer: Niue Island
Weight: 2 oz
Diameter: 50 mm
Face Value: $2 Dollars


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